Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Returning to India

It was one of the happiest days of my life (actually most days are like that), I'm going home after seven months. This is the longest that I've stayed away from my family. It’s time to say hello to my country. Indiaaaaaaaaaa, here I come! I was supposed to book my tickets with Jet airways but I couldn’t. So I finally booked my tickets with Air India Express. The flight was an airbus, really small and a little smelly (believe me it was)! And what’s with the air-hostesses? They're not at all friendly. My flight from Singapore goes to Trichy and then to Chennai.

Most of the passengers were from villages near Trichy so they didn’t understand English or Hindi and the air-hostesses were quite mean to them (except one lady, I don’t remember her name, she was really sweet). There was one very, very arrogant lady. She spoke with a really high pitch (she reminds me of my annoying mess supervisor at PSG college). And the food ( which usually makes me forget other issues) on the flight, consisted of 'jeera' rice, potato gravy, cake, tea and apple juice (yuck! I had apple juice). It tasted ‘okay’. I took a really cool picture of the clouds.

The beautiful clouds from the plane. It's like floating on a bed of cotton or being in heaven.

Oh, I forgot to mention something. The security check. Oh my god! They took nearly 4 hours to check all the baggage. This is the first time they even checked laptops with a strange machine. They used a piece of paper dipped in some liquid and rubbed it all over the laptop. Security was very high in Trichy and Chennai. It's all because of the terror attacks in Mumbai.

I finally landed in India and it felt so good, I have no words to explain the feeling. I missed the Chennai traffic, smoke, pollution, stray dogs, roadside fast food, cinema halls and of course my family and friends. I was glad to be back and my holidays were really good. More in my next post.

Until then, bye.

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