Thursday, March 19, 2009

Colours and More

Everyone in India knows it's the festival of 'Holi', but I bet everyone in my hostel also now knows it's Holi. We created a big mess of colour at the back of our hostel, which by the way we cleaned ourselves later, after the celebration. We had pre-planned the celebration so we got the colours form India when we went home for the holidays. We celebrated with a few Srilankan girls. Once we began running around and throwing coloured powder at each other, every one in the hostel got very interested and became our audience. They clicked lots of pictures, shot some videos and were quite curious to know what we were up to and why Holi was celebrated.

The truth is, none of us knew why exactly Holi is celebrated but we somehow managed to tell them the story of Lord Rama, Ravana etc. Since I am from South India, I've never celebrated Holi before. It was very exciting to throw colours at each other, though it was a pain when it came to cleaning. All in all, it was the best first Holi I had.

I've been having quite a blast this week. After all the Holi celebrations, I attended a spectacular event for Electronic shopaholics. It was the IT show in Singapore. The show was being held at the Suntec and covered an amazing 330,000 square feet of exhibit space, on 5 levels. It was a really huge area and packed with people. I could hardly walk through the crowd. I couldn’t see the floor because it was full of people.

More than 800 exhibitors featured a dynamic and comprehensive line-up of the latest and hottest gadgets from digital televisions, wireless HD, coolest new multimedia phones, ultra mobile PCs, Digital Imaging, Wireless Technology, Portable Entertainment, HDTV, Plasmas, Gaming, MP3, Networking, Digital Media, Audio & Home Entertainment/Lifestyle Products, Broadband Technology, Multimedia, Security, Software, etc.
It was so tiring to cover all 5 floors. Despite the worse economical hit in Singapore, this show generated a sale record of S$58.5 million, which is S$4.5 million more than last year.

The most interesting thing I saw was a Korean made laptop for 350$. It is really amazing. It was tiny and had an 8 sec boot up. I kind of forgot the name. It sounded some thing like EeePee. Hehe...I'm sure that's not what it's called but I really want to know what the name is. Anyone out there who knows, please tell me. And it was available in cute colours too. The other interesting thing was the duplicate Apple iphone, nobody will be able to tell the difference between the original and the Korean made. And it costs only 150$. I couldn’t take a picture because of the crowd. I really wanted to. It would have been a real treat for people who wanted to buy mobiles, TV, broad bands, and home theaters.

I wanted to buy some stuff too but maybe later. You guys can check it out on Google. I'm off, see you all later.


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Tecuron said...

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Sevani Rajasekar said...

Thanks Tecuron,
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Sevani Rajasekar said...

Hi Chanderdeep,
Thanks for giving me your email id. I can send you the information you need. And do keep reading.

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Sevani Rajasekar said...

Hi Tony,
Thanks a ton for reading. I'll let you know the information you require but I'll need to know which course you or your brother are looking for. That will narrow down the options.

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Hi Kiran,
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Sevani Rajasekar said...

Dear Kiran,

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