Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Come Rain, Come Shine

I was wondering what to write about in my next post. Since this is the holiday season, even my brain needs some rest (he he he...).
Just kidding.... one of the interesting things about Singapore is that it's not just a shopping paradise, it's got amazing climate.

Sometimes it can drive you crazy too. In Singapore nobody knows when it's going to rain, even though it has a tropical climate where the weather isn't supposed to change too often.
In the morning, there will be no sunshine (believe me) but around 3 pm the sun'll burn you to ashes and in the evening it's time for the rain to cool the earth... this has become a kind of routine. There are times when the clouds will show no sign of rain... but they'll suddenly start to pour out of no where. So, the most essential commodity to everyone here, is an umbrella.

I've been living in Singapore for nearly 1 year. In this one year I had never seen a rainbow. Strange, right? But then came a day in March and I saw the most amazing rainbow. It was 180 degrees exactly! A full arch. These are beautiful pictures of it. But sorry guys, my camera couldn't capture the entire rainbow because of all the tall towers.

Until my next post, enjoy the rainbow. Nature is truly amazing !

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