Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bulls Eye!!

March 6, 2009.Today is Friday, the day I go to the temple each week. But today, I had an event on my calendar, that I had to attend. The Career and Education Fair 2009 at the Suntech Conventional Hall. This is the first time I went to a job fair. My friends and I decided to go have a look at it. We took the SMRT and went to level 6 at Suntech. It was not as crowed as I expected. They asked us to fill a form and then we registered at the counter where they gave us a visitor pass. We then entered the hall. It was huge and was host to so many educational institutional stalls. I had never even heard of most of these institutes before. And the jobs were only for tourism and Casino management. The stalls were so colorful and dramatic. But the crowd was not much. Anyways it was nothing related to my field.

So the next thing we did, as usual, was to roam around the Plaza. Suntech is the biggest shopping mall in Singapore with 5 huge towers full of shops. I have been to these places many times but I have never been to the top floor called SKY GARDEN. The open garden at the topmost level was very peaceful and green. It had a small play area for kids and a fountain. We chatted there for a while and then we went to the gaming zone in the next tower. The place had all the video games possible and it wasn’t too expensive either… 10 tokens for 5$. I played a car racing game and won. The games were really addictive. We were watching others playing some shooting games and we had lots of fun there. Then for the very first time I tried my hand at Archery. I held a bow and arrow for the first time in my life. It was a little heavy and my first 3 shots were way off target. But then, I got the hang of it and bulls eye!! Got it absolutely right. It was quite an adventure. I think I will be going to that place often. I love the bow and arrow.

Then we were too tired to even walk… some how we managed to walk back home. And now here I am writing this post. That’s it for today guys. I am too tired. Going to have good some rest. Catch you guys in the next post.

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